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The Earth Charter US (ECUS) mission is to inspire, educate, and engage people in the United States to implement The Earth Charter's vision and principles in their personal lifestyles, institutional policies/practices, educational policies/curricula, and community initiatives.


Earth Champs Music & Video

Whistle an Earth Champs tune! Enjoy sharing these songs and teaching the inspirational lyrics to your kids.


Shana “Banana” Smith

Shana is an award winning singer/song writer. She recorded Heartbeat of the Earth for Earth Champs in 2006. She has a Master’s Degree from the University of South Florida and a strong commitment to the environment and helping children get the very best start possible. Shana is the Director of the Starfish Program at Admiral Farragut Academy Elementary in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she incorporates Earth Champs into her school curriculum.

Heartbeat of the Earth Song & Lyrics


Millions know Raffi for his work as a children’s entertainer whose string of gold and platinum-selling recordings in North America includes his classic “Baby Beluga” song with its beloved melody and lyrics. Inspired by the Earth Charter, Raffi wrote a song to listen to and sing wherever people gather to celebrate life.  Where We All Belong is about Earth as an abundant home, “a circle where we all belong.”  It expresses the Swahili sentiment “tunza” — to treat with care and affection.  Tunza is also the name of the youth and children’s strategy of the United Nation’s Environment Programme.

Where We All Belong Song & Lyrics


The following videos may be useful in some of your Earth Champs group meetings. The first two videos are about the Earth Charter while the remaining address specific topics related to Earth Charter principles.