What is

Sustainable Business Coalition

Our Mission Statement

To serve as the foremost organization in the Tampa Bay Region for the facilitation of communication among business leaders that embrace the Triple Bottom Line—People (Employee & Community Wellbeing), Planet (Environmental Health) and Profit (Economic Viability).


Join or Start an Earth Champs Group

Join an existing Earth Champs group?

1. Check the Directory for registered Earth Champs groups and contact the group facilitator to join!

2. If there is not a group in your area, email us your city, state and zip, and we’ll let you know if a new group is forming in your area. [email protected]

Start a new Earth Champs group?

1. See the Information Flyer located under Resources to promote your new group and get it started.  We’ve also provided some sample activities so you can see what is in our manuals.

2.Our Facebook page also offer news, updates & activity ideas.  Recently one of the Earth Champs facilitators has started a Facebook page for facilitators.   Once registered, you can get access to that group.

3. Register Your Group:  Once you are ready to go, register your group, using our pledge and registration form. Click Here

4. Once registered you can fully access our resources, including the certificates of achievement (for you to give out when an Earth Charter Principle has been acted on) and various manuals for your use in starting and leading your Earth Champs group.

5Remember, the information is only to provide you with some ideas. Take from it the activities that align with your interests and serve you.  Add your own unique ideas and those of your kids. Starting a new group is exciting. Facilitators and Earth Champs creating their own ideas is part of the Earth Champs experience and part of the FUN!    

We are here to provide continued guidance and support. Please let us know if there is anything we may do to help you along your Earth Champs journey!