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The Earth Charter US (ECUS) mission is to inspire, educate, and engage people in the United States to implement The Earth Charter's vision and principles in their personal lifestyles, institutional policies/practices, educational policies/curricula, and community initiatives.


12th Annual Earth Charter Community Summit

October 16th, 2013

Ventura Ezarth Charter Community Summit - Ventura California

Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions will host its annual Earth Charter Community Summit and Awards Program on Saturday. This year’s awards program will celebrate the remarkable work of six individuals and groups in our community. They join 82 former award recipients.

The efforts of each of these honorees make a difference every day in the lives of Ventura County residents and the world.

The charter presents four principles. They are ecological integrity; social and economic justice; democracy, nonviolence and peace; and respect and care for the community of life. The focus of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions is “making the connection” between these critical areas and the fate of the planet.

The 12th annual Earth Charter Community Summit is once again co-sponsored by the Ventura College International Studies Program. This year’s festivities have been expanded and will include the first Earth Charter Film Festival. It will be held on Thursday and Friday at Ventura College’s MCW 113 lecture hall, from 7 to 10 p.m.

There will be four films screened and three of the four are from local filmmakers who will be in attendance for discussions after the films. The films are: “Ground Operations: Battlefield to Farmfield,” “Afghan Girls School,” “Voices of the Homeless” and “Do the Math.” All of the events are free.

This year’s Earth Charter honorees are:

- Respect and Care for the Community of Life: the Afghan Girls School Project for making education possible for Afghan girls in refugee camps.

- Ecological Integrity: Larry Yee of the Food Commons, which is dedicated to sustainable agriculture efforts that will leverage, support and enhance existing and emerging regional food systems.

- Social and Economic Justice (Richard Weinstock Memorial Award): FOOD Share for its tireless ongoing efforts to share local bounties with the hungry in our communities.

- Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace (Betty Eagle and Bill Hammaker Memorial Award): Moses Mora for community and peace building through his artistic and communication skills.

- Youth Education and Outreach: Patricia Lynn-Strickland for raising consciousness of our youth and community to the critical issues of our time through theater.

- Earth Charter and the Arts: the Rivera Family for engendering the traditional values of our diverse cultural world through Mariachi music.

What: Earth Charter Community Summit and Awards Program.

When: Saturday, from 3 to 5 p.m.

Where: Guthrie Hall, Ventura College.

Information: To learn more about this free event, visit www.c-p-r.net or call 340-7073.

Sixth Annual Sustainable Business Awards Nomination Forms

October 14th, 2013

Nomination forms are due November 1st. This survey should take less than ten minutes to complete, please remember that only for-profit organizations are eligible for nomination. All information on this survey will be kept confidential.
Return the form to Dave Bechtold at [email protected]

Download the form in Doc format Here

Download the form in PDF format Here

Sixth Annual Sustainable Business Awards

October 14th, 2013

SBCTBLogoSixth Annual Sustainable Business Awards
A Program of the Sustainable Business Coalition of Tampa Bay
Earth Charter US
University of Tampa Center for Ethics


Sustainable Business Awards is an annual awards event since 2008 that has recognized and honored for profit businesses in the Tampa Bay Area that engage in practices that not only increase economic opportunities but also improve the environment and community. A sustainable business award focuses on the wellbeing of people, planet and profit.

The Award uses criteria based on the Earth Charter, a global declaration of universal responsibility for a sustainable future that offers an ethical framework for sustainability and the Global Reporting Initiative considered to be the international gold standard for the measurement of sustainable business.

The Sustainable Business Awards Event is held annually in partnership with the Center for Ethics at the University of Tampa. The Awards luncheon will be held at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center Friday, April 11th 2014. During the event large, medium and small businesses are recognized based on their contributions to building a sustainable economy in Tampa Bay. Criteria development and business evaluation is accomplished by University of Tampa MBA students under the guidance of UT faculty in the Sykes College of Business

Please provide the information below to be eligible for an award. The due date for the submission of the Nomination Form is November 1, 2013.

See the 2013 Winners HERE.   Please note that previous Sustainable Business Award Winners are listed HERE

Please remember that only for-profit organizations are eligible for nomination. All information on this survey will be kept confidential. Return the Nomination Form to Dave Bechtold at [email protected]

Access the Nomination Form in Doc Format Here.  Access the Nomination Form in PDF Format Here

Waste Resource Management Forum

September 12th, 2013

Waste Resource Management Forum:

Tools & Techniques for People, Planet & Profit

Thursday, October 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM
University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center 9th Floor

Register HERE

Waste Resource Management Forum

September 12th, 2013

Waste Resource Management Forum:

Tools & Techniques for People, Planet & Profit

Thursday, October 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM
University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center 9th Floor
Sponsored by:

Speakers include: Don Ross, Director of Operations at Kessler Consulting:“Six Steps to a Successful Waste Assessment @ Work”

Jo Lee Potts, ISO Engineer for BIC Advertising and Promotional Products North America:“Identifying Waste Opportunities In Business”

Neil Beckingham, Sustainability Manager at Mosaic Company:”Sustainability & Waste Management

Cost $10. (includes cocktail and appetizers) To Register click here

Networking Breakfast Update

August 19th, 2013


Sustainable business enthusiasts enjoyed connecting with likeminded folks while admiring Uriah Urban Farms’ Living Wall of produce at the Roosevelt 2.0 on Friday, August 16. The event was organized by Earth Charter US in partnership with the University of Tampa’s Center for Ethics and hosted by David Smiles from Coastal Wipers and Uriah Urban Farms.


neil and crowd (1)

Neil Beckingham-Mosaic Company, Shani Kruljac—Kessler Consulting, Mary Milne—Tampa Bay Times Forum, Don Ross—Kessler Consulting, Dan Verreault—University of Tampa’s Center for Ethics and Jan Roberts, Earth Charter US

nw Miriam Zimms, Kessler Consulting speaking about upcoming Waste Resource Management Forum on October 17 at University of Tampa.

Miriam Zimms from Kessler Consulting speaking about upcoming Waste Resource Management Forum being held at University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center on October 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

nw kootz marco

Stephen Koontz from Tampa Bay Trane and Marco Oliveri from Delta M.

nw Jan Barna--Kreher Architects, Nancy Walker--Walker Brands and Jennifer Baldwin, BKS Partners

Jan Barna—Kreher Architects, Nancy Walker—Walker Brands and Jennifer Baldwin—BKS Partners.

Shani Kruljac-Kessler Consulting, Angela Ruth--Tampa Downtown Partners and Brent Fernandez, University of Tampa's Center for Ethics Board.

Shani Kruljac—Kessler Consulting, Angela Ruth—Tampa Downtown Partnership and Brent Fernandez—University of Tampa’s Center for Ethics Advisory Board.

NB george, val, dave

George Sherman and Val Gallina—Earth Charter US learning about Uriah Urban Farms’ Living Wall from designer David Smiles.


July 9th, 2013



The motto at Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners (ECUS Sustainable Business Award Winner 2011) is “Work hard. Have fun. Make lifelong friends.” Their commitment to providing holistic insurance solutions for their clients is equal to their commitment to provide a radically different kind of work environment for their colleagues. BKS believes that when employees are made to feel safe and valued, both physically and financially, a culture emerges that promotes hardiness, capacity and commitment: a Culture of Vitality™.

This Culture of Vitality is something BKS strives to achieve each and every day, and the wellness of their colleagues plays a huge role in its success. Over the next month, BKS is implementing a fun wellness challenge to spark or to reignite colleagues’ interest in a healthy lifestyle.  The BKS Tour de France is an activity challenge for BKS colleagues designed to run during the 23 days of the actual Tour (June 29-July 21, 2013). Each participating colleague is urged to wear a pedometer and track their steps (or the exercise equivalent of steps) during this period. Colleagues will be divided into teams for competition and encouragement.  This challenge not only generates lighthearted fun, but provides an opportunity to raise awareness  by simply moving each day. BKS believes that by giving their colleagues tools to help them live a more balanced lifestyle, they maintain a more productive, happy and overall positive work environment—A Culture of Vitality.


July 4th, 2013

Earth Charter US Sustainable Business Coalition in partnership with the University of Tampa Center for Ethics Invites you to join Sustainable Business Leaders at a Networking Breakfast Friday, August 16 from 7:30 am to 9 am at the Roosevelt 2.0  “A Creative Urban Renewal Space Where Produce Grows on Walls” located at 1812 N. 15th St. in Ybor City

Do not miss this stimulating opportunity to connect with others who are engaged in People, Planet and Profit practices to strengthen the triple bottom line economy in this region.

$10. To register Click here http://tinyurl.com/mfnrxm3

For more information, please contact [email protected];



July 4th, 2013

The Tampa Bay Rays and the Tampa Bay Times Forum—home to the Lightning-are past awardees of the ECUS Sustainable Business Awards for their winning records on the Triple Bottom Line—people, planet and profit. They are part of a growing movement in the sports world to practice sustainability.  With its tens of thousands of spectators, vast media impact, and the fact that it is the recipient of tons of civic pride, the sports industry has a unique potential influence for modeling sustainable behavior.  The good news is that the commissioners of every major professional sports league have all endorsed the need to act to address global climate disruption and other ecological issues.

Every sports industry Jewel Event — the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Playoffs and Finals, the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, Major League Soccer’s Championship Cup, every All Star Game, and the NCAA Final Four — all now power their events with renewable energy and purchase carbon offsets to reduce their contribution to global warming.

Happy 13th Anniversary, Earth Charter!

June 28th, 2013

On June 29, 2000, the Earth Charter officially came into the world at The Hague Peace Palace in the Netherlands.  In the 13 years since then, many of us have been inspired by the Earth Charter’s ”sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the human family, the greater community of life, and future generations.”


Here’s an idea.  Let’s celebrate the 13th Anniversary of the Earth Charter by creating an online space where we can share our own stories.  We can tell each other how we’re bringing the Earth Charter to life in our homes, schools and communities.  We can light up each principle with our own artwork and stories, music, videos and lesson plans.  We’ll show what we’re already doing — and invite others to join in the fun!  We’ll make it a serious kind of cooperative game for people and planet.


We can start today.    Here’s how:

  • Take a look at the simplified version of the Earth Charter below.
  • Then, at the end of this blog post, please write a sentence or two about what you’re already doing to bring the Earth Charter to life.
  • Let us know how you could share that experience during the next year.  You can express it through any of the arts - stories, photos, videos, presentations, games, dance, music — no limits!
  • If you need help, Earth Charter US wants to do whatever it takes to share your story with the world in the most effective way.
  • Please plant your Seed Ideas below.  Let’s watch them grow over the next weeks and months.

We’ll see what we can create for the 14th Anniversary of the Earth Charter at this time next year!

If you have any questions, or want to support someone in growing their seed idea, contact Sue Blythe at [email protected].

Earth Charter - Simplified

We are living at a critical time for the Earth community.
Earth provides everything we need.
People have upset the balance of nature.
All people must join together to care for Earth and for one another.

Respect Earth and all life.
Protect and restore the web of life.
Guarantee that everyone has enough to meet their basic needs.
Treat all living beings with respect and consideration.
Every person, every community can play a part.

Please post a sentence or two below:

  • How are you helping to bring the Earth Charter to life?
  • How can you express that through the visual, performing or language arts?