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Earth Charter US

Our Mission Statement

The Earth Charter US (ECUS) mission is to inspire, educate, and engage people in the United States to implement The Earth Charter's vision and principles in their personal lifestyles, institutional policies/practices, educational policies/curricula, and community initiatives.


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Want to get involved?

If you live in Indiana, you have a very active organization.  Look for John Gibson.
Earth Charter Indiana
Sustainable Indiana


If you live in Connecticut, see all the activities Michael G. Harris has going.
Earth Charter Connecticut


Earth Charter is making great strides in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Take a look here:
Earth Charter Oshkosh

Ivey Hardy in Vermont has started an active group. 
See their web page at: http://earthchartervt.us/index.php
Seattle, Washington
Seattle is doing some great things in education. Check out:
Kimberly Corrigan, M.A., MCPL
US Affiliate, Earth Charter International
K-12 Professional Development and Teacher Education
Seattle, Washington


If you are doing something with the Earth Charter, let us know on the Community Leadership Blog.