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Sustainable Business Coalition

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To serve as the foremost organization in the Tampa Bay Region for the facilitation of communication among business leaders that embrace the Triple Bottom Line—People (Employee & Community Wellbeing), Planet (Environmental Health) and Profit (Economic Viability).


Earth Champs FAQs

  • Where can I get Earth Champs t-shirts or caps or bags?
    In the next month, we plan on setting up a store through our Earth Champs website that will let you buy a whole range of Earth Champs items. Keep a look out for it.
  • Where can I find Earth Child, a book referenced in the Earth Champs Facilitator’s Guide?
    Go to amazon.com to get Earth Child 2000 with Teacher’s Guide: Early Science for Young Children.
  • Does Earth Charter US provide access to insurance for Earth Champs groups?
    Currently Earth Charter US does not provide insurance for Earth Champs groups.  Earth Charter US is not responsible for Earth Champs groups.  It acts only as a resource and facilitator of connections between interested people.  We have looked into offering Earth Champs groups a policy but will need considerable interest from groups to make offering such a policy affordable. Some people have reported that if the local school will sponsor your Earth Champs group, you may be covered. If a faith-based organization sponsors an Earth Champs groups and lets you use their facilities, you may be covered under their insurance. Some homeschooling families treat their Earth Champs activities as part of their homeschooling process and can be covered under homeschooling policies. 
  • Does Earth Charter US sell Earth Champs badges?
    Earth Champs provides pictures of badges that were used when we used to be Earth Scouts. The name on the badges and logos has been changed to Earth Champs. These pictures can be downloaded by registered Earth Champs groups and used to make badges by the group. We no longer provide badges for sale. We also provide Certificates of Achievement for download in the event the Earth Champs might prefer to build a portfolio of activities. They can attach written descriptions of activities, pictures, videos and whatever else they may have to represent their effort and their learning. Go to Resources to download these items.
  • When we start an Earth Champs group, are we a 501c3 or tax-exempt corporation like Earth Charter US?
    No, you are not a 501c3 corporation when you start an Earth Champs group. Earth Charter US does not “own” or have any proprietary interest in Earth Champs groups - only in its resources that we provide to you for your use. Earth Charter US has no administrative control over the activities of the different Earth Champs groups - only over our materials and websites. We have provided Earth Champs groups with letters that states that you have registered with us as a provider of Earth Champs groups and, as such, that you use our materials. Such a letter may be helpful to you, but we cannot confer 501c3 status on your group.