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The Earth Charter US (ECUS) mission is to inspire, educate, and engage people in the United States to implement The Earth Charter's vision and principles in their personal lifestyles, institutional policies/practices, educational policies/curricula, and community initiatives.


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Biofuels Sound Better than Reality

December 12th, 2012

Frequently we hear a very strong argument for the use of biofuels over traditional fuels because they are sustainable. Not true for biodiesel made from palm oil.

As Scientific American points out (See Article) corporations are destroying rain forests to plant palm oil, making it neither sustainable nor ecologically acceptable. Further, the acquisition of the rain forests which are then burned displaces the native populations who call these forests home.

This is a frequent challenge as people become more aware of environmental and “Green” concerns. Because we do not want to accept a change in life style, we try to rationalize some justification for our behavior. If we can use Green energy, then it is acceptable to waste it. We reach for a supposed miracle Green product, but lack the background knowledge to really evaluate it. As the Earth Charter tries to point out, there are no systems operating in a vacuum, and we have to respect the entirety of the Community of Life. There are no free rides.

So be aware that not every Green solution is Green, not every biofuel is sustainable, and not every answer to our wastefulness is beneficial. We have to construct meaningful lives that are in tune with the environment, not at war with it.

Earth Charter US Website Wins Award

June 1st, 2012

Interactive Media Awards names Earth Charter US (ECUS) website a winner in outstanding achievement category. ECUS, a non-profit, utilizes its website to educate the public, engage visitors and generate donations, which fund its operations. With the development of the new website, ECUS will create content to promote Sustainable Business Coalition member businesses, increase nominees and sponsors for the annual Sustainable Business Awards and expand the Earth Charter Children, Youth and Parenting Program to more children.

Press Release 2012 Web Award

Smart Consumerism

May 8th, 2012

From Jan Roberts, Founder of Earth Charter US

The Smart Consumerism Movement: Ain’t It Grand!

Everyone from clergy members to bank customers are getting into the
Smart Consumerism Movement. This movement is getting legs—and they
are walking away from Big Business that does not treat people and the planet
with care and respect.

To read the whole post, go to: Operation BonApetit.org

Community Leadership Blog

December 28th, 2011

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