Collins Reports

Collins Reports

Collins sends his report on Chilupula

I left Lusaka on Thursday 17th May, 2011 at around 12:30 hrs noon. The tractor was loaded on a pick-up truck together with the tractor, rotator and all implements that I got from CAMCO Equipment Limited, suppliers of the Two-Wheel tractors. CAMCO is a Chinese company registered in Zambia that supplies agriculture equipment directly to the Zambian Market.

I arrived in Chongwe at my farm the same day Thursday 17 at about 15:00hrs. We managed to off load tractor with the help of the Chilupula Village Community. We had to use Man-Power, because there was no folk-lifter service available in the villages. We safely and finally had the tractor at my farm grounds.The people from the villages around came and had a look at the new farming machine with curious eyes and smiles on their faces. It was a happy moment of  all of us.

I managed to organize a meeting with the co-operative members to explain how I will be able to conduct my farming business and services which I will be offering to them and other villagers; also had an opportunity to carry-out a demonstration exercise with the new tractor. “

In a phone conversation, Collins emphasized how excited the villagers are because they realize they cannot work any harder or any longer, and the tractor is a way to leverage their labor to increase their income. Collins is back in Lusaka for awhile with his wife and kids. He heads back to Chilupula in a few days.

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