Earth Charter Parenting

Earth Charter Parenting

Earth Charter Parenting Mission Statement

Earth Charter Parenting provides resources for strengthening family life to embody sustainable ways of living thus passing on to children, the values of the Earth Charter. The four pillars of the Earth Charter’s ethical framework are:  respect and care for the community of life; ecological integrity; social and economic justice; and democracy, nonviolence, and peace.


Touchstones for building an Earth Charter based family culture

We recognize that:

  • Interdependency begins in utero.
  • Parents are the caretakers of themselves and their child(ren).
  • Peace begins on the changing table. (Emmi Pikler)
  • We teach cooperation in all our actions.
  • Attachment is important to healthy development into adulthood. 
  • As humans, we are hard wired for attachment, and the foundations of health are laid down in infant attachment.
  • Parents must strive to be worthy of imitation. 
  • We are our child’s first teachers.

Dear Parents,

We are living in changing times and parents are struggling with conflicting messages about how to parent.  Societal forces keep pushing in a direction that may take us further and further away from what is actually healthy for our children and the planet.

Earth Charter Parents provides resources for those wishing to raise children who will help create a just, sustainable and peaceful future.  

Children in their early and formative years learn about the world from their caregivers. Having a clear sense of the values you wish to bring to your children can help guide your daily life practices within the family.  How we act speaks clearly to the child, teaching the values in a direct but often nonverbal manner through what we DO not what we say.

We have compiled resources linked to the principles of the Earth Charter that we hope will be of use to you.The website will provide guidance for parents in recognizing the developmental stages of their child (pre birth - three) and practices that will support healthy development towards adults who are able to engage with the world with respect and care for the community of life. 

We aim not to offer techniques for child rearing, but rather an invitation to explore your own values and lifestyle and to make the changes you feel would bring your family life more into alignment with your hopes for the future of your children, your community, and Earth.

We strive to build a family culture that celebrates the values, traditions and institutions we hold dear. This becomes a wonderful way to celebrate our human community and build lasting memories for our children.

Studies show that adults who have positive experiences in nature, are more active in the preservation of the natural world.  Children learn through imitation and as parents the habits that are an accepted part of the routine of daily family life are the teaching. Through our family practices, we teach without preaching or moralizing, respect for the earth community (such as composting, turning off lights, saving gas) and having time outdoors to explore and play in nature.

Join the Earth Charter Parenting Community Group to access resources, participate in ongoing discussions, and co-create the meaning of Earth Charter Parenting with us!