Zambezi Bound

Zambezi Bound

Victor is on the way to Zambezi after robbing the bank!

Victor wrote from Zolwezi, on the road to Zambezi. He and Paul left Lusaka at 10:30 in the morning and arrived at 10 PM. They leave tomorrow at 4 AM in order to get to Zambezi around noon!

The Gonzaga folks are waiting for them. Josh Armstrong, the Gonzaga Head Man, has arranged some less expensive housing for Victor and Paul, and also is planning on giving them maximum exposure to the Gonzaga students.

Last time we were in Zambezi Fr. Dominic tried to make us all cross this narrow foot bridge across the croc infested river. Victor could not muster the nerve, but he promised me this time he would do it, so I hope Fr. Dominic holds him to it!

Meanwhile Collins is busily farming away with his 2 wheel tractor. He has sent pictures by way of Victor's computer, but the computer will not reach a wifi connection until sometime tomorrow, so we will get a first hand look at how things are going.

Next up for Victor, teaching Rocket Stoves and water purification to the Mise villagers, and teaching the coop how to form a village bank. He also is meeting some Government officials there who will help establish the framework for the coop and the bank.

Sad to say, the toilets did not make it. The manufacturer raised the rates for the transport, and Victor did not have enough money to cover the last minute expense, even though he did get in trouble for stealing 38 million Kwatcha from the bank. Seems the bank mistakenly put the same amount in twice. Victor, thinking we had been very generous, took the whole sum and headed off to arrange the toilet transfer. The bank called frantically demanding he come back with “their” money. They also wanted to assess a fee for overdrawing the bank account. Victor protested that it was their fault and refused to pay. He left for Zambezi before it was settled, so I hope there is not an arrest warrant out for him.

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