Earth Charter Posters for Earth Day!

Earth Charter Posters for Earth Day!

The launch of the new Earth Charter U.S. Community Network has brought together some of the most awesome Earth Charter supporters, activists, and endorsers from all around the country just in time for Earth Day!  We are proud to see people like Michael G. Harris from the Earth Charter Community of Lower Valley, authors Rosalie MaggioQuinton D. Crawford, Unitarian Universalist minister Beth Johnson,  the University for PeaceResearch Fellow Corinne B. Young, Transition Towns Chicago Roger Menning, and many community leaders, educators, and family folks all coming together to inspire, share, and collaborate. 

Hundreds of people 'Re-Committed' their endorsement of the Earth Charter and as a special Earth Day surprise we have published as our first offering in the Earth Charter U.S. Community market this full color high quality Earth Charter poster to commemorate Earth Day and the successful launch of the Earth Charter U.S. Community Network.  This poster can be ordered in sizes ranging from 11x16 to a huge 35x49.  The default setting is at 35x49 - you can change sizes, type of medium (basic poster to canvas quality), and even add a frame! 

We will be adding many more beautiful Earth Charter related products as time goes but we felt it was appropriate to launch the store with the poster and we hope you will enjoy yours and perhaps gift one to your family/friends/community for Earth Day. 

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