Earth Charter & Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Charter & Earth Day Celebrations

As Earth Day (April 22) approaches many of us are receiving invitations and announcements to events and gatherings focused on this annual celebration.  One inspiring campaign that we wanted to share with Earth Charter supporters is the Earth Day Network's A Billion Acts of Green® campaign. 

"With many millions of actions to date  – the largest environmental service campaign in the world – is steadily building commitments by individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments in honor of Earth Day.

A Billion Acts of Green® inspires and rewards both simple individual acts and larger organizational initiatives that further the goal of measurably reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainability.

The goal is to register one billion actions in advance of the global Earth Summit in Rio in 2012.

The A Billion Acts of Green® website quantifies acts of green through an easy-to-use online registration tool where communities and organizers can register Earth Day events and community climate meetings, as well as tree plantings, large-scale light bulb changes and workplace renewable energy retrofits. Simple individual gestures like riding a bike instead of driving and washing laundry in cold water may also be recorded."

Another inspiring campaign that the Earth Scouts Network is participating in is the Children & Nature Network'sLet's GO (Get Outside) April campaign.

"The goal of Let’s G.O.! events is to bring together intergenerational groups of people to get outside together to be active, have fun and connect with nature. Families, teachers, students, mentors, grandparents and grand friends—and especially children and youth—are invited and encouraged to participate!"

We invite you to join the new Earth Charter U.S. Community Network and post your Earth Day Event or campaign.  When you post your event you can invite friends from your address book or email list and with the interactive event page folks can RSVP, ask questions, and receive updates.  It is much more than a 'calendar' of events - when you create an event page you can post images, links, and other important details. 

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