First 24 Hours of Launch Report!

First 24 Hours of Launch Report!

What does The Fusion Foundation, the Center for the New Elder, Sustain Hawaii, the Green Society, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, and the One Stop Sustainability Shop all have in common? 

The Earth Charter! 

This first day hundreds of people across the county 're-committed' their endorsements and this network received its first wave of Earth Charter supporters from groups, businesses, and organizations as well as people who are leaders, teachers, advisers, and awesome folks who are coming together in 'interdependence' around the Earth Charter!

The new community network is providing people who in the past had no way to connect directly to meet and share their Earth Charter endeavors.  We are going to be featuring the work of these amazing people in the upcoming weeks, months, and years to provide inspiration for new Earth Charter supporters. 

The website has seen some minor changes throughout the day as well as members were able to easily contact us with requests and feedback.  We appreciate your participation and helpful involvement making the Earth Charter U.S. website an excellent resource. 

Endorse the Earth Charter!

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