Earth Charter US Website and Community Network Launches!

Earth Charter US Website and Community Network Launches!

The new Earth Charter U.S. Community Network and updated/optimized website has officially launched today! 

Just minutes after we sent out the news to our main community of Earth Charter Endorsers the new network began to receive its first wave of members signing up and 're-committing' their endorsement of the Earth Charter! 

Last year the Earth Charter celebrated its first decade anniversary and all across the globe people joined together to not just celebrate, but to plan the next decades actions and endeavors to help evolve the Earth Charter's rightful place in our global effort.

This year Earth Charter U.S. has embarked upon the first stage of a mission-driven-online- organizational-evolution campaign and the board of directors has re-committed their efforts towards making it possible for those who have endorsed the Earth Charter to have easy access to information, support, resources, and most important connection with each other during these times of great change.


As many of you know, ECUS launched a new website in 2010 and in January 2011 ECUS formed its first 'interdependent partnership' with the team at SeThInk Media to optimize/update the new website AND create/launch a new Earth Charter U.S. Community Network!

The SeThInk team has worked many volunteer hours creating a new data base, optimizing the website with new online forms, and developing the new network which launched today. 

Please join us on this new community network where you can sign up to become a part of a vibrant online community with your own profile page, the ability to share your Earth Charter activities via member blogs, participate and start discussions, share videos and photos, post events, start or join an Earth Charter group, and meet people from all across the U.S. who have a shared commitment and dream of a sustainable global culture. 

Thank you to all of you who have supported ECUS to make this happen!

Endorse the Earth Charter!

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