EC+10 Events & Celebrations

EC+10 Events & Celebrations

Join us to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Earth Charter

Earth Charter +10 is a year long celebration of the tenth anniversary of the completion of the Earth Charter,which was launched at The Hague Peace Palace in June 2000. Events to celebrate and engage people with the Earth Charter will be takingplace around the world throughout 2010.

Earth Charter US is inviting Americans to join the global celebration by organizing EC+10 gatherings in their homes and communities on November 2 in conjunction with the major EC+10 Event in Ahmedabad, India. Throughout this year we wil lfacilitate online interactive conversations among Earth Charter supporters inthe US to help develop and promote EC+10 gatherings next November.

We invite you to take part in an online Earth Charter regional gathering that will take place this Thursday, 8April at10:30am Eastern Daylight Time, where we'll start discussing our plans for this historic celebration.

Here is some information about the event from our friends at EarthCharter International:

Earth Charter International is encouraging four informal regional meetings (one in each major region of the world) that will bring together Earth Charter youth groups, affiliates,some partners and  council members with the following purpose:

- Know more about those individuals and organizationsworking with Earth Charter in the region.
- Have a short discussion about Earth Charter activities in 2010(specifically on the Earth Charter +10 anniversary)
- Share views regarding the Earth Charter strategy for gaining recognition for the Earth Charter at the UN.

These meetings will be executed in an online multimedia platform, which has been already used for Earth Charter online courses. To join the meetings, you need high speed internet connection; also web-camera and microphone are useful if you want to join the discussion. In case you don’t have those, you can still participate through the text chats. To enter the platform, please follow the steps on the "EC+10 Meeting Room" webpage. This will be open half an hour before our meeting Thursday, 8 April at10:30am.

We very much hope you will be able to take two hours of your busy time to connect with us through a computer with good internetconnection.

We are very excited to be taking part in this worldwide event, and we hope that you will join us this Thursday to kick-off the celebration.

Earth Charter +10 in Philadelphia

See the new PosterfortheEC+10Philadelphia Event!

An Earth Charter chance to renew your activism by attending the Earth Charter +10 event in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania Hall of Flags on November 7, from 2:00PM until 5:00 PM. The event will include Live music with Stephen Wise. As a Bonus, there will bea screening of Catch the Dreamer on the UN Rights of the Child. It will be followed by a Q & A. An Action Fair and refreshments will be available. It is a great chance to network with other like minded people. Thanks to Susan Curry, the United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia, and the Alliance for a Sustainable Future. Donation is $15, students $5.For more information call 215241-573


Earth Charter + 10 Dinner

Wednesday, 23 June 2010 19:33

Steven Rockefeller toast

“The strong commitment among business leaders and universities to sustainability and building a green economy in Tampa is an inspiring example for the rest of the country. I congratulate EarthCharter US on the role it has played in this promising development.” Steven Rockefeller.

On the evening of May 26, 2010 various leaders fromtheTampabusiness community along with members of Earth CharterUS Board of Directors were joined by Guest of Honor, Dr. Steven Rockefeller to celebrate the Earth Charter’s 10th anniversary.The year 2010 is the 10th anniversary of the completion of the Earth Charter document The Earth Charter Document at UNESCO in Paris,and the launch of the “Earth Charter in Action” at the Peace Palacein The Hague. There are many celebrations taking place throughout the world this year to celebrate this monumental EC+10 Events. The Tampa EC + 10 celebration was held at the Michael Murphy Gallery M, hosted by Lorna Taylor, Chair Board of Directors Earth Charter US, CEO of Premiere Eye Care, and catered by Chef BTNguyenof Restaurant BT.

Dr. Steven C. Rockefeller is Co-Chair Earth Charter International; Professor Emeritus of Religion, Middlebury College. His essays appear in a variety of books and journals. In recent years, much of his research and writing has focused on global ethics, sustainable development, and the interrelation of democracy, ecology, and spirituality.

Steven Rockefeller signs ECUS artwork
Over the past twelve years, Professor Rockefeller has played a leading role in the drafting and promotion of the Earth Charter.He chaired the Earth Charter international drafting committee. Following the launch of the Earth Charter in2000, he was made a member of the Earth Charter Commission. He currently serves as co-chair of the Earth Charter International Council and as chair of Earth Charter Associates, Ltd., which has been set up to provide the ECI Council with financial and legal assistance. His essays on the history, structure, and purpose of the Earth Charter appear in many publications.

Jan Roberts and Susana Weymouth


Michael Bedke

Michael Murphy Gallery
Tampa’s EC + 10 dinner discussions ranged from sustainable business practices to building ethical frameworks, creating educational curriculum along with various other EarthCharter based initiatives. The menu and table designs were created with an organic focus featuring locally farm raised products, bamboo, stone and other natural elements to create a truly beautiful Earth Charter focused event.

Guests in attendance:
Lorna Taylor- Host and Earth Charter US Chairwoman

Dr. and Mrs. Vaughn- President and First Lady,University of Tampa

Mr. and Mrs. Weymouth- AIA, LEED AP Design Director, HOK

Chris Butler- Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas

Ronald Christaldi- Partner/Attorney, Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick,LLP

Rich Palmieri-Director, Business Development, Seimens Industry, Inc.

Richard Clugston-Executive Director, Earth Charter US

Guy King- President, M.E. Wilson

Michael Murphy- President, Michael Murphy Gallery M

Jan Roberts- Founder, Earth Charter US

Sheila Awad- ECUS Volunteer and Community Builder

Kate Sullivan- Director, Michael Murphy Gallery M

Ed Turanchik- Director of Strategy and communications, Wilbur Smith Associates

Michael Bedke- Partner/Attorney, DLA Piper LLP; GeneralCounsel, Earth Charter US

Fred Bennet - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Lykes Bros. Inc.

Andrew McIntosh- Attorney, Fowler White Boggs, P.A., Honorary Consulfor Canada

Rhea Law- CEO & Attorney, Fowler White Boggs, P.A.

For the 10th anniversary of the Earth Charter, a major and inspiring event took place on 29 June in The Peace Palace,

The Hague, Netherlands. This was exactly 10 years since the launch of the Earth Charter, and was a wonderful occasion to look backwards and forward with regards to the Earth Charter Initiative!

Earth Charter US is participating in the EC+10 event in the Hague this week. The event goals are to to celebrate 10 years of the Earth Charter launch and create a vision for its future, encourage business and youth actors to be inspired by the Earth Charter when taking on the challenges of today and the future, and enhance public and media outreach on the relevance of the Earth Charter for topical issues and challenges. Check out these video recaps of the event so far:


Participatory Planning for the EarthCharter+10 On-Line Forum - November 2-13, 2009

Earth Charter International hosted an On-Line Forum in thebeginning of November to discuss the goals and ideas surroundingthe Earth Charter 10 year anniversary activities. This forum wasopen to the public and allowed everybody to provide insight andideas. Below you can find a copy of the draft program from theforum provided by Earth Charter International as well as somediscussion themes that were provided to be incorporated intocontributions to the forum.

Draft Programme 

Objectives of the on-line forum

  1. To further develop and refine the ideas and goals forEC+10.
  1. Engage EC partners, affiliates, youth and action groups infurther developing and implementing the Earth Charter +10efforts:
    • Discuss ideas for multiple ways to generate local action
    • Brainstorm on the best ideas for an overall slogan forEC+10
    • Exchange ideas on Earth Charter +10 local and nationalactivities

3. Stimulate participation and ownership among the ECI networkfor +10 activities

Expected outcomes

To have, at the end of the on-line forum, a shared idea aboutthe possible concept and activities of EC+10 and a shared vision ofwhat should be undertaken, who will participate and what thecalendar looks like. This includes elements that will help the ECICouncil Executive Committee finalize the concept paper for EC+10 inDecember 2009.

Based upon the inputs generated during the on-line forum, theEarth Charter International Communication Task Force will giveadvice on the selection of a slogan and multiple localcommunication actions., to the ECI Council who is responsible fordecisions on EC+10 main goals and communicationstrategy. 

Discussion themes

  • What are your thoughts and recommendations about ways togenerate multiple and growing local actions for EC+10?
  • How could the simultaneous events on Earth Day, April 22nd beorganized as the kick off for Earth Charter+10? Are you willing totake the lead in organizing a local event?
  • What can you do to celebrate EC+10 locally?
  • Primary Theme / Slogan
  • Consider these draft proposals for the EC+10 slogan/primarytheme. Which one do you prefer? Why do you prefer it? Do you haveanother suggestion?
  • What are the major world themes, issues and events that shouldbe linked with the EC and how can they be linked?
    • Discussion around the main ECI focus areas and others
  • What elements of the ECI Organizational Vision and whatgoals and strategies (among the existing ones) should be thefocus during 2010?


Earth Charter +10 in India

Earth Charter International and the Center for Environment Education hosted an Earth Charter + 10 International Conference on the CEE campus in Ahmedabad India.  The conference, titled “Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World” took place from 1-3 November, 2010.  The event brought together people from all sectors and from countries around the world to engage in dialogue, to collaborate and reflect on 10 years of the Earth Charter and consider the next steps towards a sustainable future.  Distinguished Earth Charter educators and activists shared their experiences and guidance in the plenary sessions of the conference to encourage a positive conceptualization of the future while addressing key world challenges, issues and  priorities. 
In these links you can find a PHOTO ALBUM and MEDIA COVERAGE for the event. 
The 10 thematic workshops at the conference focused on the sustainability challenges faced by various sectors and how using the Earth Charter can help accelerate our much needed transition to a just, sustainable and peaceful future. Participants spent four sessions in sectoral workshops.  Each workshop included case studies of projects using the Earth Charter or other initiatives that combine values with sustainability. 
From each emerged useful material on Earth Charter good practices as well as some suggestions for the way forward and potential partners.  Participants in each workshop agreed to develop a range of education and training materials and opportunities. Their recommendations are available below.  A major outcome of the conference was to contribute to the adoption of a strong sustainability framework at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 (Rio+20).
Recommendations from Working Sessions:

These are the final recommendations resulted from the work of all participants, attending 10 different specific sessions:
1. School Education and Teacher Training
2. Higher Education
3. Non Formal Education
4. Reviewing, Reorienting and Rethinking ICT to ESD
5. Businesses & CSR and Green Economy
6. The Earth Charter and Religion, Spirituality and Ethics
7. Cities, Communities and Urbanisation
8. Ethical Development Practices for Sustainable Livelihoods 
9. Global Challenges and Global Governance
10.Biodiversity & Ethics