Links and Resources Online

Links and Resources Online

Get Involved Right Now

  • Google is sponsoring an International Cleanup Weekend, October 13 and 14 2007. Check it out and participate if you can or plan your own clean-up for a later time.

Music - inspired by the Earth Charter

  • Raffi - Where We All Belong

  • Shana Banana, a Tampa, FL musician who developed and performed this song with one of our Earth Charter U.S. Board members, Benjamin Keyes, Ph.D. - Heartbeat of the Earth

  • Earth Mama suggests one activity for Earth Scouts. Listen to her songs - Love Large, Around the World with Earth Mama, Under the Rainbow and Grass Roots - and decide which Earth Charter Principle it represents. She lists other ways her music has been used on her website

  • Danny Freeman, a finalist for the MTV "Woody" awards - Fire

Ideas for Youth Action

  • Project Plan-It - An easy interactive series of questions and templates that allow you and your friends to plan your service project or program.

  • Youth Outloud - Get your kids writing for this site. "Youth OUTLOUD is a news service providing youth-generated stories for mainstream media. This news cooperative is designed to offer stories from youth throughout the world so that mainstream press outlets have an opportunity to learn what youth are thinking about and doing in the world around them."

  • Mapping, Art, Kids and Carbon? - From one of our Earth Scouts Families: "A friend of mine came up with an idea that I thought has some merit, and maybe a group in your area would be interested in getting involved. She suggested that kids might gain a better appreciation of the issue of global warming if they set about to map their school grounds, their town or their local park with an eye for carbon."

  • Global Youth Service Day - an annual event honoring youth volunteerism Young people know what their communities' major problems are - and they work to change them. Look for their Project Planning Tool-Kit.

  • Kilowatt Ours - Energy saving projects

  • AI Kids - amnesty International USA provides opportunities for kids to learn letter-writing as an active, empowering tool.

  • Youth Activism Project - This site aims to prove that MINORS can play a MAJOR ROLE in effecting change in our communities.

Resources suggested in the Earth Scouts Facilitator's Guide

  • Rosie Hippos - a resource for books, toys and other other fun items, including cooperative games, for children.

  • Earth Balls - From their website: "Orbis World Globes is the original creator of photorealistic EarthBalls and giant World Globes - the most visually authentic replicas of our planet available anywhere."

  • Interactive Talking Globe - This globe provides a fun way to learn about geography and cultures. Besides providing tons of information, it offers games that test the knowledge of players.

  • National Geographic GeoBee Challenge Game - A board game for learning about countries, landforms, cultures, history, environment and more.

  • GeoSafari Laptop - Interactive game for learning about countries, landforms, cultures, history, environment and more.

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