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Do the principles of the Earth Charter inspire you?

Earth Charter US invites you to host an Earth Charter house party or community event to celebrate the 10-year Anniversary of the Earth Charter and to continue to promote the principles of the Earth Charter. The 10-year anniversary provides a great opportunity to generate a new set of goals and priorities for the way forward and the next decade of the Earth Charter Initiative.

By organizing a local event, you will join thousands of people across the world working to promote the use of the Earth Charter in personal lifestyles, local governments, businesses, educational institutions, and in cultural and arts activities.

There are numerous types of events that you can plan that will successfully bring people together around the Earth charter. Here are a few ideas we have, but feel free to expand upon them. You will also find a toolkit to plan your EC+10 event below.

The optimum event is one that engages the most people from many different backgrounds and experiences. However, it is not always possible to host an event of maximum size and scope. The following are possible options for EC+10 gatherings:

  • Big Splash Event with known speakers and/or panels to bring high visibility to the Earth Charter. This also includes discussions and formation of task forces focused on the Earth Charter to continue people‚Äôs engagement with the EC.
  • Cozy Event held in setting open to the public with a local speaker or creative performer to educate audience about the Earth Charter. Interactive discussions are also featured.
  • Another Choice includes hosting an EC+10 dialogue at home or in a community center to celebrate EC, and to learn more how to use it in personal life, at work, at school and in the community.
  • Join the EC+10 India Gathering Electronically in December 2010 via live video streaming of speakers. (This streaming opportunity is being developed)

Download the Earth Charter 10th Anniversary Event Start-up Kit

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