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Earth Charter + 10 in India News

Earth Charter International and the Center for Environment Education hosted an Earth Charter + 10 International Conference on the CEE campus in Ahmedabad India.  The conference, titled “Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World” took place from 1-3 November, 2010.  The event brought together people from all sectors and from countries around the world to engage in dialogue, to collaborate and reflect on 10 years of the Earth Charter and consider the next steps towards a sustainable future.  Distinguished Earth Charter educators and activists shared their experiences and guidance in the plenary sessions of the conference to encourage a positive conceptualization of the future while addressing key world challenges, issues and  priorities. 

In these links you can find a PHOTO ALBUM and MEDIA COVERAGE for the event. 

The 10 thematic workshops at the conference focused on the sustainability challenges faced by various sectors and how using the Earth Charter can help accelerate our much needed transition to a just, sustainable and peaceful future. Participants spent four sessions in sectoral workshops.  Each workshop included case studies of projects using the Earth Charter or other initiatives that combine values with sustainability. 

From each emerged useful material on Earth Charter good practices as well as some suggestions for the way forward and potential partners.  Participants in each workshop agreed to develop a range of education and training materials and opportunities. Their recommendations are available below.  A major outcome of the conference was to contribute to the adoption of a strong sustainability framework at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 (Rio+20).

Recommendations from Working Sessions:

These are the final recommendations resulted from the work of all participants, attending 10 different specific sessions:

  1. School Education and Teacher Training
  2. Higher Education
  3. Non Formal Education
  4. Reviewing, Reorienting and Rethinking ICT to ESD
  5. Businesses & CSR and Green Economy
  6. The Earth Charter and Religion, Spirituality and Ethics
  7. Cities, Communities and Urbanisation
  8. Ethical Development Practices for Sustainable Livelihoods 
  9. Global Challenges and Global Governance
  10. Biodiversity & Ethics


The First Business Venture

Our first real business in the villages, building and selling solar stoves of the Kyoto design is underway. Genie Skypek and Charlotte Starfire are working with Victor to identify a woman's group in Shapi Village near Mansa who want to start the business. We made many contacts during our visit there, and so we know there are women ready to go. Victor is looking for a supply of cardboard boxes and thin plastic sheets used to actually construct the solar cookers. Charlotte and Genie will fund the initial start-up. Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs, the heart of the economic aspect of Project COPE. They will work directly with the women in the group, helping with advice, and sharing in the excitement of creating a needed business for the local economy of the village.

Women love the solar stove because it does not need to be tended, so they can put in the food, then go work in the field, head into town to the market, or take care of home chores. There is no need to stoke the fire or move the food. Solar stoves cook like our crock-pots, only using the collected and stored heat of the sun. The will cost somewhere around $5 to make, and will sell for $10 or so, which is a real deal compared to the money spent on charcoal, the main cooking fuel right now. Also, the solar stove has no toxic emissions to harm the lungs of the women or their children. We will keep you updated as this project moves forward.


Earth Charter +10 in Philadelphia

See the new Poster for the EC+10 Philadelphia Event!

An Earth Charter chance to renew your activism by attending the Earth Charter +10 event in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania Hall of Flags on November 7, from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM. The event will include Live music with Stephen Wise. As a Bonus, there will be a screening of Catch the Dreamer on the UN Rights of the Child. It will be followed by a Q & A. An Action Fair and refreshments will be available. It is a great chance to network with other like minded people. Thanks to Susan Curry, the United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia, and the Alliance for a Sustainable Future. Donation is $15, students $5. For more information call 215 241-5738


Collins Mwebe Guest of Honor

Our own Collins Mwebe will be the Guest of Honor and the Keynote Speaker at the Work Party in Livingstone, Zambia, this Saturday! He will be representing Earth Charter US and the Workers Education Association of Zambia. The program for the day includes discussions on the effect of climate change on Zambia, the planting of trees to offset the effects of Global Warming, and a Street Soccer Match, which we expect Collins to win.

It is a great honor to have one of our friends and partners playing such an important role in the Earth Charter work.


Earth Charter US is now Licensed!

Earth Charter US Receives Its Number!

Earth Charter US has finally received our registration number from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services so we can solicit contributions. This was accomplished through the hard work of Andrew McIntosh, who diligently pursued all the information and shepherded the paperwork through the Florida bureaucracy.

This means that we can solicit donations directly for the programs and activities of the Earth Charter US. If you have a solicitation plan, let us know and we will work with you on the wording that must accompany every solicitation, as well as the Registration Number.

Thanks Andrew McIntosh!


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