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Sustainable Business Coalition

Our Mission Statement

To serve as the foremost organization in the Tampa Bay Region for the facilitation of communication among business leaders that embrace the Triple Bottom Line—People (Employee & Community Wellbeing), Planet (Environmental Health) and Profit (Economic Viability).


Why Join SBC?

SBC is dedicated to helping you build a more sustainable business through sharing the real-world experiences of award-winning professionals and the latest information about Triple Bottom Line success. Highlight your own sustainability initiatives and learn practical new strategies to achieve your Triple Bottom Line from over 60 Sustainable Business Award winners.  Membership in SBC saves you time, money and resources that you can invest back in your business. Register Now 

Member Testimonial

Pender, Newkirk & Company, 2010 SBA Winner

When nominated, our initial reaction was one of reservation. Not many businesses in our industry consider themselves to be sustainable. After evaluating the nomination questions and taking a closer look at our business practices, we realized that our firm does do a great deal to promote the best practices of People, Planet and Profit. The small efforts we make to create sustainable business practices – recycling, volunteering, leadership training – add up over time. Singular sustainability practices have a way of evolving into practices where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. The UT MBA student, who interviewed us for the nomination, showed us how our business practices and metrics stood out among our peers. The 2010 award finalists are businesses we respect and sometimes work with so it was an honor to be recognized alongside them.  Our Sustainable Business Award is a recognition that has truly differentiated us from our industry peers. We enjoy talking about the award with prospective clients and recruits, as the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profit are often important factors in their decision to work with us. Our experience with the SBC has reaffirmed that through our commitment to serving our clients and our community with ethical business practices, we also created a sustainable business culture. We encourage your business to become involved in the ECUS Sustainable Business Coalition. Earning an SBA nomination is an honor and the process educational and enjoyable. The ECUS Sustainable Business Coalition is comprised of some of our community’s finest corporate citizens and is an excellent group with whom to associate and network.


Ralph Garcia, Managing Partner

Pender Newkirk & Company

2010 Award Recipient