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To serve as the foremost organization in the Tampa Bay Region for the facilitation of communication among business leaders that embrace the Triple Bottom Line—People (Employee & Community Wellbeing), Planet (Environmental Health) and Profit (Economic Viability).


EVOS Sustainability Case Study

What Made EVOS a 2011 Sustainable Business Award Winner? 

EVOS Mission Statement
”EVOS is committed to being America’s healthier fast food leader by providing our customers with exceptional food, value and service in a great environment. We are guided by corporate beliefs that benefit and create value for our shareholders, our customers, our team-members, our communities and our planet.”

People  EVOS partners with local schools to provide healthier meal options to children and to help raise money for schools by donating a portion of the sales to the schools. EVOS is also committed to giving a second chance to underprivileged youths by recruiting team members from Phoenix House in Tampa. 

EVOS takes an active role with its employees by providing comprehensive customer service training. They are one of the few fast food companies that provide health insurance to their full-time employees. In an industry where salaried managers work more than 60 hours per week with no overtime, EVOS requires that their managers not work more than 50 hours per week and that they take two days off per week to prevent burn out. 

Planet  Established in 1994, EVOS is committed to clean and renewable energy. It offsets 1/3 of its stores’ energy usage with renewable wind energy. Each store has the environmental impact of taking eight cars off the road or planting 32 acres of trees every year.

Additionally, EVOS purchases Energy Star commercial equipment, uses compact fluorescent lighting producing 75% less energy and heat and employs automatic light switches which turn off when not being used.

Sustainable materials are also utilized in the building of EVOS stores. Examples include environmentally friendly zero VOC paints and adhesives, recycled wood panels made of pressed sorghum plant stalks and eco-friendly flooring materials made from renewable natural materials like wood flour, linseed oil, rosin, jute fiber and limestone.

EVOS cooks with 100% pure air vs. oils. No grease is used, therefore no energy is needed for oil disposal or recycling. They purchase Fair Trade Certified products and support sustainable family farming by using certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Print materials are produced on recycled paper with vegetable based inks vs. petroleum based inks. Biodegradable plastic cups and bags are made of vegetables vs. petroleum, and their stores recycle cardboard materials. EVOS plastic gift cards are produced from recycled credit cards.

Profit  EVOS is profiting from their sustainable efforts. They continue to grow their franchise by adding locations and are dedicated to providing a healthy and environmentally sound alternative to traditional fast food.