School Sisters of Notre Dame: Study and Reflection Guides

School Sisters of Notre Dame: Study and Reflection Guides

The School Sisters of Notre Dame developed seven study guides based on the Earth Charters. In addition to using the guides in their own community, the Schools Sisters provide printouts of each study guide to more than 400 people. Furthermore, these guides have been posted online and several other groups, with members totaling more than 700 people, download them for free. Issues of the study guide include:

  • Call to Transformation and The Earth Charter, April 2004, by S. Cathy Arata
  • The Scope of the Earth Charter, The Preamble and Section 1, July 2004, by S Eileen Reilly
  • Relationship and Community, October 2004, by S. Mary Trinitas Bochini and S. Mary Heather MacKinnon
  • Making Connections and Making Choices, January 2005, by S. Barbara Paleczny
  • Democracy Nonviolence and Peace, April 2005, by S. Jeanne Wingenter (Ed.)
  • The Way Forward, July 2005, by S. Ethel Howley and S. Ann Scholz

The study guides are available upon request from the SSND at .

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