Tampa Summit Program

Host: University of Tampa

Place: Faulk Theater on Kennedy Ave & Hyde Park Ave.

Times to be Announced

Keynote Speaker: Alexander Likhotal, President & CEO of Green Cross International, Advisor to Mikhail Gorbachev & Earth Charter International Council Member. (webcast)
(Business) Gary Hirshberg, Chair, President & CEO Stonyfield Farms & Author of Stirring It Up: How to Make Money & Save the World

 (National Policy) Bill Becker, University of Colorado and Director, Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP)[1] (webcast)

 (Local Governments) Michelle Wyman, Executive Director, International Council for Local Environmental Issues (ICLEI-US) (Over 1,000 cities participate in ICLEI’s Mayors’ Climate Change Program) (webcast)

Global Round-Robin There are 35 cities participating globally including Okinawa, UK, Africa, Canada and Philippines. Each city will do Five Minute highlight of its Summit during global round robin webcast.  Tampa will participate and tune in to watch a few other cities in order to feel a part of the global energy.  The Round Robin will be archived on webs

Local Examples of Climate Change Initiatives in  Business,  Education, Community

Lunch On Campus

Formation of Task Forces & Discussions

  • Government 
  •  Business 
  •  Education
  • Community Initiatives

Closing Ceremony

Post Summit Party on River Bank with Live Music

[1] 300 specific policy, program and statute initiatives that can be done by incoming President within 100 days to address climate change and its effects.  Advisory Board of climate science and policy experts chaired by CEO Ray Anderson, Interface Global and headquartered at University of Colorado

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